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Evaluative Assessment

Evaluative Assessment services offered in Silver Spring, MD

An evaluative assessment provides data that gives value to a specific need. At Ivan Walks and Associates in Silver Spring, Maryland, Ivan C.A. Walks, MD, and the multidisciplinary team perform evaluative assessments for mental trauma. Using evidence-based tools and techniques, they assess your mental well-being and determine a diagnosis. To find out more about an evaluative assessment at Ivan Walks and Associates, call the office or schedule an appointment online today.

Evaluative Assessment Q&A

What is an evaluative assessment?

An evaluative assessment is an objective measurement of your health and well-being. At Ivan Walks and Associates, the team performs an evaluative assessment for mental trauma.

Trauma is the emotional response you have to a terrifying event. Trauma triggers your body’s stress response, making you nervous and fearful, as well as more alert and aware. However, trauma may cause lingering symptoms like anxiety, guilt, and unwanted memories.

With good support and coping skills, you can recover from trauma. However, it can have a lasting effect on your mental well-being or turn into a more chronic condition like post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD).

The team at Ivan Walks and Associates performs an evaluative assessment to diagnose your mental health condition, determine its severity, and make treatment recommendations. 

What tools does an evaluative assessment of mental trauma utilize?

The team at Ivan Walks and Associates uses evidence-based tools when performing an evaluative assessment for mental trauma. Some of the more common evaluation tools they may use include:


Brief trauma questionnaire (BTQ)

BTQ is a quick test that assesses trauma exposure to confirm or rule out PTSD.


Clinician-Administered PTSD Scale for DSM-5 (CAPS-5)

CAPS-5 is a structured interview the team uses to diagnose PTSD and assess the severity of symptoms.


Life stressor checklist-revised (LSC-R)

The LSC-R is a self-reported checklist that measures traumatic or stressful life events. 


Trauma assessment for adults (TAA)

The TAA evaluates different stress-related life events. The team may use this tool to evaluate combat exposure during military service or physical or sexual assault.

Combat exposure scale (CES)

Ivan Walks and Associates provides evaluative assessments for all people but specializes in the mental well-being of military veterans. CES specifically assesses wartime stressors experienced by combat veterans. 

What happens after an evaluative assessment?

After your evaluative assessment at Ivan Walks and Associates, the team talks to you about their findings and makes recommendations. They also provide referrals to get you additional help and needed services to manage your mental well-being. 

The team may schedule follow-up visits to reassess your mental trauma and update your treatment plan.

To schedule an evaluative assessment at Ivan Walks and Associates, call the office or book online today.