About Ivan Walks and Associates

Behavioral Health located in Silver Spring, MD

African american female and male soldiers embracing their daughter
About Ivan Walks and Associates

Ivan Walks and Associates is a behavioral health practice in Silver Spring, Maryland. Ivan C.A. Walks, MD, founder and chief operating officer, and the multidisciplinary team have expertise in individual, military and veteran health, as well as public health and safety. 

The team takes an integrative and evidence-based approach to care, offering evaluative assessments, performance measurements, and disability evaluations for mental trauma, traumatic brain injury (TBI), and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Ivan Walks and Associates also specializes in medical training and offers speaking engagements on mental health issues to medical professionals. The practice also does research and participates in the development of health policies.  

Ivan Walks and Associates is a minority and veteran-owned small business with a mission to provide the best possible consulting services, support, and response to many of today’s psychological wellness issues.

The team at Ivan Walks and Associates believes extraordinary service is the result of anticipating the need and providing the solution before the client requires it. 

Ivan Walks and Associates aims to enhance mental health, health and human services, and military and veteran health services by combining traditional and innovative methodologies to deliver clear and measurable solutions.

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