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Disability Evaluation

Disability Evaluation services offered in Silver Spring, MD

A disability evaluation is a formal assessment of a disability and how it affects your quality of life. Ivan C.A. Walks, MD, and the multidisciplinary team at Ivan Walks and Associates in Silver Spring, Maryland, perform disability evaluations for mental and behavioral health conditions. To find out more about a disability evaluation or schedule an appointment, call the office or book one online today.

Disability Evaluation Q&A

What is a disability evaluation?

A disability evaluation is an assessment of physical or mental conditions that limit your mobility and activity or how you think and interact with the world around you. A disability affects your ability to manage your activities of daily living, making it hard for you to take care of your needs independently. 

Ivan Walks and Associates is a behavioral health practice that performs disability evaluations for mental health conditions. The purpose of the evaluation is to assess your mental well-being and how it affects your daily living and provide recommendations and referrals for care, treatment, and support.

Who needs a disability evaluation?

Anyone with a medical condition that affects their ability to work or take care of themself benefits from a disability evaluation. You may also need a disability evaluation when applying for Social Security benefits or other related services to get the additional help you need to manage your health condition or everyday life.

The team at Ivan Walks and Associates specializes in diagnosing and treating mental health conditions that may cause disability, like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and traumatic brain injury (TBI).

The team provides disability evaluations for people of all ages. However, they specialize in evaluating mental health issues that affect military veterans, ensuring they get the support they need from the Veterans Administration. 

What happens during a disability evaluation?

The details of your disability evaluation at Ivan Walks and Associates depend on your health condition and the reason for the assessment. The team reviews the evaluation process with you or your caregiver — so you know what to expect.

The team may request copies of medical records and ask you to bring in a list of your health care provider names and the types and dosages of the medications you take. During your visit, they review your medical and mental health history. 

They ask detailed questions to better understand how you think and feel. They may also conduct psychological testing to confirm your diagnosis and assess the severity of your symptoms. 

After your evaluation, the team completes any required paperwork. They also make referrals to specialists and agencies to provide the health care services you need. 

To schedule a disability evaluation at Ivan Walks and Associates, call the office or use the book online feature today.